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Welcome Fred's Customers!

I recently reached an agreement with Fred's to purchase substantially all of his M14 stocks (excluding M14E2 and some ultra collector stocks), handguards and cleaning kits. The first group of those products are now available for sale and shipping.

I try to keep your shipping costs close to what the actual cost is to ship your item(s), including packaging costs.  I try to ship within two business days, unless I'm out of town (I post a notice on the website for vacations ). 

You generally won't get backordered here, unless I miscount inventory (if stock is zero, you can't order the part).  Parts kits and custom stocks may take several days longer.

I am getting some collector's grade stocks refinished and on teh site for sale.  Expect a slow but steady stream of these in teh future as long as I can keep finding fancy stocks to refinish.

I have introduced a front rail system for M14E2/M14A1 stocks, a replica rubber butt pad for the M14E2/M14A1, a replacement "new style" butt pad for the M14E2/M14A1 - if you have been looking for M14E2 stock parts and hardware, you know how hard they are to find. The M14E2 front rail, replica butt pad and new style butt pad are shipping now.

We also have TreelineM14 chrome silicon operating springs and hammer springs in stock and shipping.

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