M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Arsenal Refinished Very Good
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A genuine USGI M14 wood stock that has been arsenal refinished. These may either be birch or walnut (no choice). Generally they will not have the DoD inspection stamp or Circle P proof stamp, although sometimes the Circle P is still visible. Fred called these "Plain Jane" stocks, and the name fits.  Nothing fancy, but completely serviceable.

These genuine GI stocks with a complete metal attached for a bargain price.  Discounts are available for quantities.

Very Good - looks well used.  Will have multiple dings and scratches, finish is OK to rough. There may be a ding or scratch that will not steam out, no matter how hard you try.  May have a minor arsenal or manufacturer's repair.  Metal is used (shows wear). No unrepaired cracks. Straight (not fancy) grain.

Comes wth a complete metal kit attached.  The buttplate is in used (good) condition. 

M14 M1A USGI Wood Stock, Arsenal Refinished Very Good

Price: $37.50
6 or more: $35.00 each
16 or more: $34.00 each
100 or more: $33.00 each
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