M14E2 M14A1 TreelineM14 Front Rail Mount QD
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Are you tired of looking for an original front grip for your E2 stock?  Appalled at the price when you find one?  Want more functionality, without sacrificing the ability to put an original grip on the stock if you ever find one you can afford?

This is a 7.5" Picatinny/MIL-STD-1913 rail made from 6061 aluminum, hard coat anodized and equipped with a front QD stud for your sling or other QD accessories.  The QD stud is removable or re-locatable (it will fit into any of the mounting holes, but you'll lose one mounting point).

Enough room to hang a bipod, front grip and a beer bottle opener.  Low profile with beveled edges so you can grip the forestock without a set of Kevlar gloves. Four point attachment through the existing mounting holes on your stock.

Includes mounting kits for the early (flat bottom holes) and later (countersunk holes) M14E2/M14A1 stocks. If you want to use your late E2 hardware pack, there are two screw of correct length to supplement the two screws that come with the internal reinforcement plate. Or you can leave those parts in the wrapper whilst you continue to scour the internet for a front grip and use the four shorter flat head screws for mounting.

Note that the attachment holes on the M14E2 stock use a different spacing (1") than the front swivel attachment holes on the M14/M1A (3/4"), so this rail is not interchangeable with M14 rail mounts.

US made by TreelineM14.



M14E2 M14A1 TreelineM14 Front Rail Mount QD

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